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9-11 Memorial Service / Prayers for Protection from COVID-19

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Theophany 2020

Sussex Day 2019
We had a fun (rainy!) time at Sussex Day 2019
We had a fun (rainy!) time at Sussex Day 2019
We had a fun (rainy!) time at Sussex Day 2019
9-11 Memorial Service 2019

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Seth and Cheryl Fleishman join Holy Spirit Church
Holy Spirit Parish donates tractor to St. Andrews Camp

Holy Spirit Orthodox Church Donates tractor to St. Andrews Camp - 07/30/2016

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Michelles baby shower

Michelles baby shower

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N.J. State Fair Fundraiser.

N.J. State Fair Fundraiser - 07/22/2015

Having fun and fellowship while preparing food for our annual fundraiser at the State Fair!

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Olsen Wedding

Olsen Wedding - 07/11/2015

Erik and Stacey joined in marriage.

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Pascha 2015

Pascha 2015 - 04/19/2015

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West Point Chapel

West Point Chapel - 07/20/2015

The lighted candle reserves this pew for comrades missing in action and those held as prisoners of war.

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Holy Spirit Church 25th Jubilee celebration 6-1-2013

25th Jubilee Celebration - 06/01/2013

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His Grace Bishop MICHAEL's first visit to Holy Spirit

Pentecost at Holy Spirit Church - 05/23/2010

His Grace Bishop MICHAEL'S first visit to Holy Spirit Church, Wantage, New Jersey as Bishop. Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010.  His Grace celebrated the Divine Liturgy with Archpriest Samuel Kedala, Rector of Holy Spirit, Archpriest George Hasenecz, founder of Holy Spirit and retired Archpriest Joseph Chupeck who is attached to Holy Spirit Church.  The Divine Liturgy was followed by the Vespers of Pentecost and a Festive Banquet in the Church Hall.  Later that day His Grace met for dinner with the Parish Council and their spouses at the Parish Rectory.  Dinner was hosted by Father Samuel and Matushka JoAnne Kedala. His Grace Bishop Michael celebrated the Parish Altar Feast (The Day of the Holy Spirit) the following morning along with Archpriest Samuel Kedala, Priest Christos Talleos of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, Middletown, New York and Priest Stephen Evanina of Holy Assumption Church, Clifton, New Jersey (NJ Deanery Secretary). Holy Spirit Church was greatly honored by the visitation of their new Archpastor Bishop MICHAEL and look forward to many more visitations by His Grace.

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Family Night

Family Night

After a Vespers Worship Service our parishioners recently got together for some addional fellowship, fun and good food.

The service of Vespers takes us through creation, sin, and salvation in Christ. It leads us to the meditation of God’s word and the glorification of his love for men. It instructs us and allows us to praise God for the particular events or persons whose memory is celebrated and made present to us in the Church. It prepares us for the sleep of the night and the dawn of the new day to come. On the eves of the Divine Liturgy, it begins our movement into the most perfect communion with God in the sacramental mysteries.

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Unionville 120th Anniversary

Unionville 120th - 10/10/2015

120th Anniversary Celebration in Unionville, NY. The days events included 

the blessing of fireman and equipment by Fr. Gregory White and Fr. Samuel

Kedala of Holy Spirit Church in Wantage, NJ!

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Spring 2015 Holy Spirit Welcomes New Pastor
Fr. Gregory White
Fr. Gregory White
Fr. Gregory White
Winter 2014
Helen Schweiser and Family
Helen Schweiser and Family
Helen Schweiser and Family
Cupola Complete
Cupola Complete
Cupola Complete
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Holy Spirit Orthodox Church is part of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey, which is presided over by The Most Reverend Michael (Dahulich), Archbishop of New York. Our mission is bringing the joy of Christ's resurrection to those who have never heard the Good News, and to strengthen and encourage the faithful who reside within the tri-state area of northern NJ, northeastern PA, and southern NY. 

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