Pentecost at Holy Spirit Church - 05/23/10

His Grace Bishop MICHAEL'S first visit to Holy Spirit Church, Wantage, New Jersey as Bishop. Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010.  His Grace celebrated the Divine Liturgy with Archpriest Samuel Kedala, Rector of Holy Spirit, Archpriest George Hasenecz, founder of Holy Spirit and retired Archpriest Joseph Chupeck who is attached to Holy Spirit Church.  The Divine Liturgy was followed by the Vespers of Pentecost and a Festive Banquet in the Church Hall.  Later that day His Grace met for dinner with the Parish Council and their spouses at the Parish Rectory.  Dinner was hosted by Father Samuel and Matushka JoAnne Kedala. His Grace Bishop Michael celebrated the Parish Altar Feast (The Day of the Holy Spirit) the following morning along with Archpriest Samuel Kedala, Priest Christos Talleos of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, Middletown, New York and Priest Stephen Evanina of Holy Assumption Church, Clifton, New Jersey (NJ Deanery Secretary). Holy Spirit Church was greatly honored by the visitation of their new Archpastor Bishop MICHAEL and look forward to many more visitations by His Grace.

Procession from Parish Rectory
Madeline Molbury lining the path to the Church with rose petals
Traditional greeting with bread and salt by Senior Warden Timothy Kachur
Greeting by Holy Spirit Rector, Archpriest Samuel Kedala with Cross of the Parish
Entrance Prayers
Beginning of the vesting of Bishop Michael
Deacon Joseph Lucas proclaiming the Holy Gospel
His Grace Bishop Michael delivering the Homily
Washing of Hands
Great Entrance
Faithful preparing to receive Holy Communion
His Grace Bishop MICHAEL giving Holy Communion
Greetings by Father Samuel
Greetings by Father Samuel